Social Responsibility

Our main goal is to empower women worldwide. And not only us ourselves – but also other women who are in a situation in which they need a bit of support. This support can have many faces and facades – from education and preventing violence to stimulation of female innovation and entrepreneurship.

Charity & Female Innovation

We would love to change the world a little bit. We will stimulate this change by giving something back to  society. womenected commits to invest a relevant share of its earnings in women projects worldwide. That way you participate directly in empowering others with your womenected membership fees.

We will collect this share under the name 'we-FUNDS' and, in the future, show the up-to-date numbers on the womenected-platform. Currently, we put a placeholder '4,444 €' to announce our first donation.

Collaboration with PHINEO

We promise to not only handpick these projects, but we also have a professional partner who evaluates the seriousness and quality of the individual projects for us. This partner, PHINEO, ensures that the money arrives directly and is spent on the promised purpose.

Very soon we will publish the first projects to choose from and start transfering your participation.