As we still feel that women are under represented not only in managing positions but also any many other occasions and areas of life, we do feel that women need additional support.

Our starting point is to initiate this change among us women and to get connected across boarders. Let's  use the power of connecting with other open-minded friendly-sisters better than we did in the past.

Additionally the womenected community commits to support various women projects worldwide - to help others to grow and to become more independent.

womenected itself is just the tool for you to shape and improve your own network and not trying to suggest you any content or oppinions.

Let's womenect!


Many companies strive to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Among the individual targets you will find often 'sustainability' as well as 'gender equality' or 'empowering women'.

womenected is an innovative and useful tool for corporations to empower their female employees and to improve the work-life-balance of them.

Learn more about how companies can integrate womenected in their individual CSR strategy.