Our Principles

Empower women

womenected is a platform and mobile app for open-minded women to get connected across borders. It is well suited for situations in which women prefer to stay in company of ‘friendly sisters’ rather than being alone and it aims at empowering women everywhere in the world.

Our goal is to initiate a positive female impact and to give women more freedom and new possibilities to grow, wherever they were born or live. Read more about this in we-projects.

And, by the way, womenected was simply invented by a woman, who, like you allowed herself to dream big. There is not big data or IT company behind us, just the idea to initiate a very diverse female community to womenect.



womenected commits itself to invest into all the necessities to make the platform and app as secure, stable, updated and trustful as possible. Security does not sound sexy, but it is one of our core values. We pay hackers and developers to challenge our system over and over again to prevent us from being hacked.

PRIVATE (Privacy)

Your data remain your personal data when you sign up. Nobody can see your last name, your email address or mobile number. We don’t sell any data and contact details to any third party.

womenected is free of advertising and does not link any paid offers to any personal data. This is the main reason why we limit some services and features to Premium accounts, as we need membership fees to assure full privacy for every user and to keep the platform ad-free.

In difference to any other social network you can as Premium members even decide to hide your personal profile in the search for anybody, unless you are not actively participating in or organizing a womenect. It is only then that other users will be able to see you as a participant in or organizer of this single womenect.


We believe that every human is equal and should be treated in the same respectful manner. Your nationality, education, salary, native language, style of living…and so on should not make any difference to anybody. That’s why we decided we don’t want any indicators of judgement (such as 'likes' or 'dislikes') or pictures and comments on womenected. Our first priority is real life and not an online community.

Nonetheless, please feel free to share your experiences with womenected on all other social media (for example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …) They are much better suited for this than we could ever be.


womenected wants to empower women all over the world until we can feel that gender equality is a reality everywhere. It's so simple.

We do not support any political party anywhere and we clearly distance ourselves from any political orientation. We just believe in humanity and the UN charta.


We want womenected to be a tolerant community and to treat every human being with respect, regardless of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, color, language, education etc.


In our community we welcome women of all religions, as well as women who do not believe in any specific religion. We feel faith is something that should encourage you to treat all human beings the same way. So let's interact simply as friendly-sisters.