Answers to Many questions

Please keep in mind - we are in the middle of a startup adventure and far away from being perfect. We work hard to get better every day, but we are not yet there.

In this section you will find answers to many topics that might not be clear to you when you are new here. This is clearly not your fault, but ours. With your feedback we will evolve and you will notice improvements every month, sometimes even daily.

The good thing in a startup is: we are keen, hungry, highly motivated and quick - challenge us!

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User & Registration
Every user with a green circle around her profile picture is supposed to be a woman. To make sure 'she is a woman' we decided that every new user needs to be confirmed as a woman once. The 'approved status' is indicated with a green shield-icon near the profile picture.
To do so, we use the womenected community. As soon as you are verified to be a woman yourself, you can confirm that other users are women. To confirm that the user is a woman, search for her name in the section 'contacts', click on her 'approve' icon and then insert her full last name & email address to verify that you really know her.

Every user with a blue circle around their profile picture is a 'professional' user (company/organization) and this user can be represented by female, male and diverse people. But of course it might be very inspiring meeting them anyway!!!
You are having problems with setting up a new account? Please check your email for the confirmation link first.
If you did receive the email, clicked on the link but are then having problems to login, please close or the app or the website completely. Empty the browser cache and try again.
All users with a green circle around their profile pictures are supposed to be women. To make sure they are, we invented the 'confirm as a woman' process.
If a green user does not have a green shield-icon near her profile photo yet, she is not yet verified to be a woman. So she might also not be a woman.

If a user is 'confirmed as a woman' but turns out not to be a woman, you can 'flag' this user and send a message to our administrator, who will follow up. Also if any user is not behaving according to our priciples, you can flag her to.

To report misbehavior you simply search the user in the contacts and click the '!' icon, then select a reason and send your message to the womenected administrator. We will take care about your alert!
Currently the user interface of the platform and app is available in five languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Other languages will follow.

To select your preferred language
- on your computer or tablet: just add this language as your first language in your personal profile
- in the app (on your phone) the selection is done automatically by your device in reference to your presettings.
Contacts & Messages
womencted intends to be the new generation of social networking: a tool to get connected and to meet in real live. That's why we enable messages only between people you have met before or you are going to meet in any womenect event. You will find all of them in your contacts, the system updates your contacts automatically.
But - there is an other way too. You can create a new group (private or for any professional topic) and invite other women to join this group. As soon as they accept - they will become your contacts also for the platform.
All the time you attend a womenct in real life, the platform will automatically add all the other participants to your contacts, as you have met them.

By checking who will attend a womenect with you, you can get in touch with other participants even before the womenect is taking place.

If you missed to talk to someone interesting on any womenct, you can send her a private message and ask her to go for a coffee together another day?!
Creating new groups is very easy. Just go to the contacts section and you will find a button 'create a new group'.

In the same section you will find all your existing groups (you can edit them there, too) as well as a list of all groups of which you are a member.

This function is available to private and professional users.
You can create (closed) groups for inviting handpicked women (friends, business partners, colleagues, employees, network members,....).
After creating a group you can decide for any of your womenects (events) to be limited to one specific group or to to be public, to be shown to 'all women'.
What does ... mean?
We call every 'meeting' a 'womenct':
whether it's an event, a conference, a party, a reunion, a tradeshow, a traditional feast, a training session...

It is whatever you invent and publish by setting a specific date and a location for inviting others to participate.
Our main goal is to empower women worldwide. That's why we commit to invest 20 % of our profits in diffrent women projects. The money collected & transferred is called 'we-funds'.

Currently we show a symbolic number of 4,444 € to be spent when we reach 5,000 users.

As soon as we are profitable, you will always see an updated number when logging in.

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