The Support HER Academy by Cosmopolitan invited womenected founder Eva Jubitz to an interview and to speak about ‘change’ and empowerment. The full blog article is available in German.

Die COSMOPOLITAN und ihre #supportHER Academy haben Eva Jubitz eingeladen über ‘Veränderungen’ und ‘Female Empowerment’ zu sprechen.
Weitere spannende Beiträge von Powerfrauen und interessante Workshop-Formate finden sich auf der Seite der Support HER Academy.

womenected on air: Podcast

This week, my very first podcast interview ever was published… I’m still super honored that Marie Bockstaller invited me in her ‘Leading With… Podcast’! If I could inspire some women to become more courageous and independent in her decisions, I’d be more than happy. The podcast is available in German.

Worum es geht?

Im Podcast (auf Deutsch) sprechen Marie und ich über Leadership, Mut, Veränderung, Brücken bauen, Rhetorik, Zuhören, die Toastmasters… und natürlich über womenected. Einfach mal reinhören…

Gleichzeitig ist unser Gespräch ein wunderbares Beispiel für die Vernetzung über Grenzen hinweg: Marie ist Französin, ich berichte über meine Jahre in Italien und aufgenommen haben wir den Beitrag in München.

In diesem Sinne: Let’s womenect!


diversity is beautiful

Diversity is beautiful!

We love DIVERSITY!!! Because difference is a strength and we are convinced, that you can learn more from people who are different, than from people that are similar to you (regarding culture, education, age, life-style, whatever).

That’s why we feel women should get better connected: to grow together and to support each other. If you share this mindset – make womenected your tool for female networking. You can use it within existing networks, you can set up closed groups and closed group events and invite handpicked participants.
Additionally, you can use the tool to connect across networks and companies. You create and publish YOUR OWN events (as a single woman or as an organization) for your members only or to address and invite other women to join.

Build bridges and not walls. Be supportive instead of competitive. Be curious and openminded and discover the beauty of diversity. Stop racism and get connected with other open-minded women.
womenected was created for all women woldwide, who want to exchange and collaborate with RESPECT, TOLERANCE and APPRECIATION. We offer the tool, you decide what to use it for.

We are non-political and non-religous but request simply to respect the human rights.

womenected on YouTube

Yeah… we started our own YouTube Channel

Finally we started to explore the ‘video world’ and we went live on YouTube: womenected Channel

There you will find a growing number of short videos explaining single features of the platform and apps. This might be better than any long FAQ section, what do you think?

Additionally we will enrich the collection with other videos telling you more about our ideas and goals and reveal insights into the life of the womenected team.

Stay curious and explore!
And, please let us know what you miss and what you would like to see next.

womenected goes Freemium

We decided to adjust our types of membership to FREE and PREMIUM accounts.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Every woman can sign up for free. You can use womenected to grow your own personal network and to get in touch with other inspiring women in your city or wherever you travel to.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
From May 2020 on, additional PREMIUM services will be available. Stay curious – you can decide anytime later to turn your FREE account into a PREMIUM one.
If you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a Startup, a company, an association or any other organization with an interest in empowering women and in addressing a strong female community: there are several packages for professionals to do so. Just create a professional account.

We team up with the Women Business Angels Year 2020

Women acting as business angels and investors are still underrepresented. That’s why the Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V. (BAND) decided to highlight the important contributions of Female Angels to the economy by awarding the first-ever European Female Angel of the Year with the Golden Aurora Award in 2017.

Now BAND has declared the Women Business Angels Year 2020 and started plenty of activities to gain more visibility for female investors and to encourage more women to become Business Angels.

womenected is supporting the initiative and will publish related events in the womenected community soon.

The Call for Nominees for the Golden Aurora Award – Europe’s Female Angel Investor of the Year is open till May 31, 2020.

Beyond Business Stories – Insights from Female Founders

Female founders from Munich present the stories behind their startups. All of them are driven by 'impact' and sustainability.

womenected was invited to participate and we are looking forward to many inspiring talks! Meet us in Munich on December 2, 2019.

Mehr über BBStories

BBStories ist der erste Treffpunkt rund ums nachhaltige Gründen in und um München.

Nachhaltige Gründerinnen und Unternehmerinnen stellen sich und ihre Geschichte vor, kommen mit möglichen Kooperationspartnern in Kontakt und stehen Verbrauchern wie Medien gern Rede und Antwort.

Mit dem Ziel, gemeinsam mehr zu erreichen und Business von einem neuen, nachhaltigeren Standpunkt aus zu betrachten.



The impact of Michelle and Barack Obama on womenected

Can you imagine sitting in a room with Barack Obama and hear him talking about female leaders, female founders and women empowerment?!

This just happened to me at the 'bits and pretzels' startup conference 2019 in Munich. Absolutely impressive and inspiring! ⠀⠀

It even touched me more, as one of our core values is Social Responsibility and helping others to grow. Barack Obama spoke a lot about taking over responsibility. ⠀⠀

And if you would have asked me, before and after this experience, who was my preferred ambassador for the womenected idea... my answer would have been (and still is): Michelle Obamba. No doubt.
Making her say "Let's womenect!" one day would give me indescribable joy.

(So, just if someone happens to know her personally, I'd be pleased if you wanted to forward my request...)

But, without joking, I think the time for female startups has come. No more excuses ladies, we need to be the change we want to see in the world!

The best part of it: Women who support other women are more successful.

Let’s womenect!⠀⠀

Eva Jubitz
Founder of womenected⠀⠀

Hurray – the Apps are launched!

It's done!!! The womenected iOS and Android Apps have been released and are available in the app stores. Just give it a try, you can download them for free.

And, please, do not forget: We are a startup adventure and things might not work perfectly yet... feel free to come back with your feedback, we are working hard on improving!


Get the iOS App

Get the Android App

womenected-Founder nominated as “IT-Women of the Year”

Another nomination?! We cannot believe it...

Eva, the founder of womenected, is nominated for the German WIN Awards in the Kategory 'Startup'. The real nice approach of this award is, that you can vote for several women (not only for one) by honor her with a 'crown'.

We love the idea to support several women and give all of them more visibility.

Vote here - zur Abstimmung

Mehr über den Award und die Preisverleihung:

FIT-Kongress: Females in IT 
Insbesondere bei ganzheitlichen Lösungen, die neben fachlicher Expertise nach Soft-Skills wie Empathie, Kreativität und Orchestrierung verlangen, haben Frauen meist die Nase vorn. Und dennoch sind Frauen in der IT-Branche – und speziell in den Führungsetagen noch unterrepräsentiert. Es braucht präsente Vorbilder, um weibliche Nachwuchskräfte für die IT zu begeistern, zu motivieren und zu fördern.

Der FIT-Kongress 2019 bringt am 28. November 2019 Unternehmerinnen, Managerinnen und Expertinnen zusammen, um sich zu vernetzen und über Chancen sowie Herausforderungen auszutauschen.

Als Highlight werden Power-Frauen der IT in verschiedenen Kategorien mit dem WIN-Award ausgezeichnet.