Wow – we are nominated for the Digital Female Leader Award!

We feel super honored and excited as our founder, Eva Jubitz, is nominated for the German DFLA (Digital Female Leader Award) in the category 'Social Hero'.

Our goal is to connect and empower women and to help to create equal opportunities. Women who support other women are more successful - so let's get connected!

The Audience Voting ist still open till August 18, 2019. An expert jury will decide three finalists for every category after. The winners will be announced in November.

Audience Voting for the DLFA 2019


Frauen in der Digitalwirtschaft – Fehlanzeige?! Ganz im Gegenteil – es gibt sie: die Gründerinnen und Gestalterinnen in Unternehmen, Politik und Gesellschaft, welche die Digitalisierung vorantreiben und nachhaltig prägen.

Mit dem #DFLA – einer Initiative von Global Digital Women – wollen wir die Geschichten und Karrierewege der Frauen sichtbar machen und erzählen. In Kategorien wie Career, Digital Transformation, Diversity, Education, Entrepreneurship, FinTech/Money, Global Hero, Health, Innovation, IT-Tech, Lifestyle, Mobility, Money, New Work, Science, Social Hero, Sustainability und dem Audience Award könnt ihr die Frauen nominieren, die euch inspirieren und eure Vorbilder sind.

In jeder Kategorie wird es drei Finalistinnen geben, deren Siegerin auf der Preisverleihung am 30. November bekannt gegeben wird.

Zusätzlich wird aus dem Pool aller Bewerberinnen vom 5. bis 18. August 2019 die Gewinnerin des Audience Awards, im Rahmen eines Votings, von unserer Community gewählt.

Über den DFLA


Why sleepless nights and risking all savings?

Things that many founders share are: having sleepless nights and spending more money on their ideas than expected.

Well, first of all, I need to say that I consider myself as a lucky woman. I grew up in Germany, was raised as a self-confident girl and even if we were anything else than rich, I knew I could become whatever I wanted to. I went to university, lived and worked in Italy, changed jobs, traveled a lot for business and felt free to take my own decisions for my career and my private life.

But all the time I was aware that this is far from the norm. My female friends around did not behave the same way and women from other countries and cultures had even less chances to choose their own path. As long as I remember, I was feeling the desire for equal opportunities and wanted to encourage others to discover the world. Even more as I experienced personally how collaborating and becoming friends with people from all over the world was enriching my life. I realized that this is not only eye-opening and inspiring but also stronger than any prejudice.

With all this in my personal DNA my business idea found me (see also ‘The story behind’).

After a while, by working on the womenected idea, I understood that this could be my part in ‘changing-the-world-a-little-bit’. womenected connects people across borders and it can encourage women to discover the world. Furthermore, the platform gives women more visibility, eases networking and supporting each other, while keeping up privacy.

All in all, initiating this startup (ad-)venture was not an option, it just felt to be the right thing to do. Having now started the Live-Pilot-Phase and receiving a lot of positive feedback and requests from users, companies and associations, is a great payback.

And now I do use my sleepless nights for dreaming big.


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Looking for investors – starting the 2nd financial round!

As a startup company one of the biggest challenges is to find the ‘right’ investors. A perfect-fit-investor loves & supports your idea, challenges & encourages the team and finetunes the strategy together with you.

We are currently preparing the second financial round and would love to get in touch with investors, who think the same way. Female, male and diverse investors very welcome: Please spread the word or if you are interested yourself, just request our pitch deck.

Let’s womenect!

Thanks for your great feedback – Usability Testessen München

Tested by Usability Experts…

womenected gets tested at the ‘Usability Testessen München’ event on May 15, 2019 in Munich.

We are superexcited that we are invited to present our meeting & networking solution to many testers. We will showcase our platform & the apps and we are curious to learn how we can do things better .

The story behind womenected (Eva’s story)

The real back story? My name is Eva and I’m the founder of womenected. I’m German and I’ve worked pretty internationally throughout my whole career and I have also lived in Italy for several years.

One day I was travelling to France for business and stopped by in Milan, where I have several contacts and friends. But – as it sometimes goes – on that special day none of them were free for dinner. So, after being hungry and discovering that my hotel didn’t even offer snacks, I found myself alone at a small table in a restaurant around the corner. Do you know that feeling when all other tables are filled up with happy couples and families?

This is when I was able to ‘touch’ my business idea for the first time. I was sure that on this special evening in Milan there were several other women in the same situation – just wanting company for dinner and a nice chat without having to think about any dating offers. And I asked myself: “Is there any network on the web just for finding other friendly sisters to talk to, meet up and exchange ideas with?” And this exchange might be purely private and fun, or it might concern business issues such as helping others to step up the career ladder a bit further. With these thoughts in mind I entertained myself through a lonely dinner and discovered many other cases in which you could use such a platform by the time I finished my coffee.

And here we are, two years later… womenected: a new generation of social networking, a secure platform & useful tool for women to get connected. For business, for more work-life balance and also just to have more freedom and fun. Additionally, by offering your talents on womenected, you can even become more successful.

I’m looking forward to womenect with you!