The real back story? My name is Eva and I’m the founder of womenected. I’m German and I’ve worked pretty internationally throughout my whole career and I have also lived in Italy for several years.

One day I was travelling to France for business and stopped by in Milan, where I have several contacts and friends. But – as it sometimes goes – on that special day none of them were free for dinner. So, after being hungry and discovering that my hotel didn’t even offer snacks, I found myself alone at a small table in a restaurant around the corner. Do you know that feeling when all other tables are filled up with happy couples and families?

This is when I was able to ‘touch’ my business idea for the first time. I was sure that on this special evening in Milan there were several other women in the same situation – just wanting company for dinner and a nice chat without having to think about any dating offers. And I asked myself: “Is there any network on the web just for finding other friendly sisters to talk to, meet up and exchange ideas with?” And this exchange might be purely private and fun, or it might concern business issues such as helping others to step up the career ladder a bit further. With these thoughts in mind I entertained myself through a lonely dinner and discovered many other cases in which you could use such a platform by the time I finished my coffee.

And here we are, two years later… womenected: a new generation of social networking, a secure platform & useful tool for women to get connected. For business, for more work-life balance and also just to have more freedom and fun. Additionally, by offering your talents on womenected, you can even become more successful.

I’m looking forward to womenect with you!