More efficiently

womenected fills the gap between networking and connecting with other women in a very easy and intuitive way. Get in touch with others who are on the same career level or in the same industry as you, or even get in touch with someone who could help you to get where you want to.

Not only can you filter among the associations and networks you are a member of, but you can also get connected across different organizations, cities and countries easily.

Furthermore you can see all other participants of private, public or closed group events that you participate in and you can send them private messages. So if you missed talking to one of them: go for lunch with her any other day!




Unique NETWORK Functionalities

Joint Networks

Search for contacts who belong to the same associations and organizations as yourself

Group Management

Create own groups and invite women to join them

Other participants

See all participants of womenects you plan to attend

Private Messages

Connect with other participants without giving up privacy


Discover interesting network events which are open to new members

Real Life

Be part of a new generation of social networking in a strong female community